Thursday, July 22, 2010

Caps for sale

"Anjali", I said, "can you go to the table and find a book called "Caps for sale?". I borrowed it from the library for us to read"\

"Mummy, can you come with me and help me to find the book?", asked Anjali.

"You try to find it Anjali. It has a picture of a man sitting on a tree"

Anjali turned to go, but turned back almost immediately.

"mummy, the home book is matching with my school book."

"What do you mean?"

"My school book also has a man sitting on a tree, and it is called Caps for Sale"

"Really? Well, then see if you can find the book in the table and bring it here"

She went to the living room and returned shortly with the book

"Caps for sale! Caps for Sale!"

"Is this the same book as your school?"


So we read the book and she proceeded to tell the story and all the actions very nicely. I wrote a note to Mrs Arul about it.

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