Monday, July 26, 2010

At the restaurant

We were at Annalakshmi yesterday evening. After dinner, I had ordered some tea (I am partial to Annalakshmi tea) and we were showing the children the statues that adorn the walls of the restaurant.

After a minute, husband turned

"Where is Anjali?"

Anjali was not there, and a second later we heard a cry. Anjali's hands were wedged between the restaurant door. it appeared that she had gotten outside, and tried to come in and had somehow gotten her hand stuck. Husband carried her and took her up tp calm her and show her the toy cars.

"Anchaali!", called Sophia.

"Mummy, Anchaali tieing."

"Yes Sophia, Anjali is crying"

"Fall down Anchali"

"No, Anjali didnt fall down"

"Fall down Anchaali door ulla tieing"

"No Sophia, Anjali didnt fall down, she got her hand stuck in the door"

later, after Anjali had calmed down, we went out from the restaurant. As we passed the door, Sophia said

"Anchalli tuck door ulla"

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