Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another I dont want to go to school day

Husband got away early to work this morning. I finished the gruffalo game that I was making for the girls, and then went to wake Anjali up. She was sleeping on the bed, face down, bottom in the air. I aasked her to get up.

"Mummy, I want to take a bath with you!!"

Well, i had woken up at 5.15 in the morning, and had taken a bath around a quarter past six. I was having none of that. So, I used the candle as an incentive

"Anjali, i am going to the altar to light the white candle"

Anjali opened her mouth "I want to light the red candle"

Then she took my arm, wrapped her arms around it, pulled me on the mattress and went back to sleep. It felt rather like cuddling a heavy teddy.

i disengaged and woke her up again, using the white candle. This time she woke up, finished her toiletteries, took her raisin bun and two story books (we had been to the library yesterday and had borrowed about 30 new stories - most of them courtesy of

"Mummy, i dont want to go to school"

Now, husband going early to work causes a problem as I have to take Sophia with me to the busstop. When Sophia is sleeping, there is the need to carry the sleeping girl with the reluctant preschooler in tow. Anjali knows this weakness and tries to explot it.

She came all the way to the busstation. The bus arrived a little too early. Usually, we have time for a little chat, but this morning there was none. So when the bus came, she burst into tears.

How do I make my girl go to school cheerfully everyday?

"You have to go to school because in school you learn new things"

"I dont want to learn new things"

"I thought you wanted to be like mummy and go to office?"


"Then you must go to school and learn new things. So when you are bigger you can be like mummy and go to office"

"I dont want to go to office when i grow bigger. i want to stay at home. "

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