Friday, July 9, 2010

Anjali's babies

When Anjali has her babies, all the people will come to visit her babies. They are called Sandy and Planty. I told Anjali that she has to give them names with meanings - Sophia, afterall, means Wisdom and Anjali means Offering. Anjali says that Sandy and Planty have very nice meanings. I cant think of anything other than that you can put planty in sandy.

She keeps going on and on about the babies - how she will sleep with them, about how she will not go to office until they are three years old ("Sigh!") and when she goes to office after that, mummy, or daddy or patti or Anu will take care of them. Exactly how Anu came into the picture, i dont know.

About how, when her born babies are three years old, she will take them on the ferris wheel or on the pony. Almost every experience of her's she associated with her born babies. I rather think, given the consistency of the born babies, and their qualities, number and names, they are, in some sense, her imaginary friends. 

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