Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anchali akka

At the playground there were lots of children. Sapna wanted to carry and cuddle Sophia, but Sophia didnt want to. She kept wanting Anjali to help her, carry her and take her on pony rides. And she kept calling Anjali "Anjali akka".

Anjali is also very proud of being called "Akka". Thats my baby sister, she tells all the children in the playground - the new children whom she doesnt know. 

When Sophia walks, Anjali ggoes up to her and asks, very nicely

"Sophia, you want to hold akkuchi's hand?"

"Anjali, why do you say Akkuchi?", I asked her. I remember that Chandru periyappa used to call Akila "Akkuchi" when we were both young, but to the best of my knowledge no one used the word Akkuchi in front of Anjali.

"Because I love my baby sister, and if you love your baby sister, you must say Akkuchi", said Anjali.

That reply doesnt quite satisfy my curiosity, but i suppose it will have to do, since no better reply can be gotten.

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