Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When mangala came yesterday

Mangala and Michael were over last evening. I hadnt seen Mangala in over five years, since before husband and i got married, and it was a pleasant surprise to see her. I was also surprised at how much Anjali took to her and Michael. She was looking forward to the visitors all evening, and a few minutes before they were due to arrive, she asked me

"Mummy, where is my gruffalo mask?"

Accordingly, the gruffalo mask was procured, and Anjali stood at the dorway saying

"I am going to scare everybody"

I was holding a puppet show for the kids with Julia donaldson's soundtrack running in the background (Sophia goes crazy every time i do O a funny face) when they arrived. Anjali immediately tried to scare them with the gruffalo mask.

So, we served cutlets and dips and badham kheer and Sophia sat on my lap


This, turned out, after many trials and errors, to be badham kheer (which she doesnt usually drink but wanted when she saw the guests drinking it.)

Then it was

which turned out to be yogurt dip. So Sophia ate dodurd. After that, as we were sitting on the dining table, she went


"Mummy, I also want a banana"

I opened up the two last bananas on the table. Sophia ate half and Anjali ate a quarter.

"I am the dustbin, you know", I told Mangala, as i finished up the two bananas.

As we were talking, Anjali and Sophia did cutting, taping (at the playeum, the girls obtained a nice tape dispenser with a plastic cutter and baby scissors)

As Mangala and Michael left, Anjali demonstrated her bicycle. Husband then carrie dher to show how she could swim (I think it had something to do with her pretending to be a fish - when I was showing Mangala the house she went around, carrying a lion and shouting "I am a lion" and then she went into the bedroom and reappeared carrying a scissor box and shouting "I am a baby scissor box!"). Sophia immediately said

"amma taie"

whereupon it turned out that she too wanted to swim. 

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