Monday, June 28, 2010

Talking and interpreting

We were at Rajah uncle's memorial on Saturday evening and husband was keeping the children in their garden while I was meditating. A couple of other kids, including lakshmi and Akash had joined in the games and they were trying hard to keep it quiet. The adults outside decided that in order to keep the children busy for about half an hour, they could have dinner. When I was in the room, i distinctly overheard

"Venda, venda"

"What is she saying?" (From one of the other parents who was staying outside)

"What is that Sophia?"

"Venda venda"

"Daddy, she is saying that she doesnt want"

"They know more tamil than me" :(

Later husband says to me "Sophia was eating noodles. She ate half a plate of noodles and gave me all the vegetables saying carrot venda, belew venda"

"What belew?"


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