Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday at home

We were supposed to have gone to Pulau ubin yesterday with the IEp outing. However, owing to a mild stomach flu virus that led to Anjali having a couple of dates with stone juice (one particularly memorable incident occurring on Saturday night involving husband's shirt), we decided to keep the girls at home on Sunday and give them time to recuperate.

Keeping the girls at home in the weekend is in itself sucha  rarity, as we are usually going someplace or another and trotting them behind us. This was a fantastic time for me to regroup my home and have meals at the table. The girls did tons of activities. Here are some of the things that kept Sophia busy

1. Colored pasta (penne) with pick up sticks. Sophia put the pasta in the sticks. It was excellent hand eye coordination exercise
2. Markers and paper to draw in
3. Grape skin (husband resprted to this when i was napping in the afternoon) that was, I think - spat out, floated in water - the water went in ziplocs
4. Playing with glue

Here are some of the things Anjali did

1. Hanging clothes. I had an yarn ties up across two chairs, and gave he a bunch of clothes and pegs to hang them
2. Tracing and dot to dots (while Sophia played with markers)
3. Collage (we did a leaf collage) that Sophia spreaded the glue until she kept saying sticky and got away, when Anjali continued to do the collage.
4. Jelly making

I recently discovered activity bags - bags where you put in a small set of playthings to give the child some structure in her day. We have, I'll put pictures up soon, two milk cartons hanging from the wall - one for Anjali and one for Sophia, with the activity kits. Anjali likes doing activities, as she calls them. Sophia also likes activities - though I dont think she knows what it means. Sophia was doing her pasta and pick up sticks activity when Anjali finished something else and snatched away one of the sticks. Sophia came running to me crying.

"what's up?" i asked

"Anchaali", she said, sniffing in her reproachful way

"What did Anjali do?" I asked her

"Anjali, actiyity pull!!" she said

In the evening, we took Anjali biking in the park connector. husband and I took our cycles too, and Sophia had the baby seat in my bike. Sophia didnt like the trip over much - we had to stop often for Anjali to catch up (though she bikes fast, we bike faster), and her feet kept getting stuck between the shopping basket and the baby seat, especially when I turned the bike. We biked through to the expressway bridge - probably a ten minute ride for husband or me, but a much longer one for Anjali, and then let the girls in the playground for half an hour, mostly for Sophia's benefit. Here's a conversation between Anjali and jainee

Anjali: Do you have beads? (Indicating her bead chain that she and I threaded together a couple of days ago and which she insists on wearing, much to thattha's - who does not believe in children wearing cheap beaded and hand made chains - disgust )

jainee: No

Anjali: I can make one for you, you know

We didnt stay much at the playground - it was close to nine and the girls were tired. So we gave them a bath and had dinner. I finally found the best recipe book - Sarah brown's cookbook. It has a fantastic collection of recipes. We had Vischyosse verte with apple. A great cooking experience.

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