Monday, June 14, 2010

The starved kid

The thing that the kids missed the most in Taman negara was the food. It was far from satisfactory and while travellers home was a very nice hotel in that we could make our drinks and use the kitchen as need be, the lunch and dinner were sadly lacking in vegetables and fruits, which they made up for in the amount of oil. Husband felt it most acutely and by the second afternoon was sorely missing my cooking (which says something)

But no one missed patti's food more than Sophia who, when asked for what she wanted to eat, kept asking for "idli and dosai"

On our way back, we took a number of sandwiches, packet soup and milo for the girls on the road. Now, Anjali is perfectly happy with sandwiches and currant buns. She takes after husband, who, in the absence of good food would simply eat bread and milk. Sophia is a little more hard to please.

Our train was delayed for a couple of hours due to some fallen log and by the time we reached woodlands, the last sandwich had run its course. I was carrying Sophia in my hip and holding Anjali's hand while husband grappeled with the luggage while we entered the immigration.

"Here is the queue for Singaporeans and PRs", I said, pointing to the signboard. 

"Mummy! Pulau! eat!" Said Sophia.

It took me a while to understand that she had misheard PR to be Pulau.

"Sorry baby. Its not pulau, its PR"

"huh! Mummy, idli, dosai!!"

"You poor starved baby!" Luckily patti had arranged for idlis to be on teh table when we got home, so Sophia had her idlis before bed. i suppose she will have dosais.

Anjali wanted mushroom soup. I gave her some instant cambells soup in the train which she didnt like at all.

"Mummy, I like your mushroom soup. can you make me some?"

So this mornign, i made up some mushroom soup. She would have it for dinner.

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