Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some of the more unusual activities we did together yesterday afternoon

1. Playing in the sound garden - which most often than not evolves into a reenactment of Ramayana with Anjali under the plants as Sita in Asokavanam, Sophia as Ravana, and myself as Rama. The skit often ends with Ravana drinking booa booa

2. Painting on a big piece of cloth (my old duppatta) with poster colors. We'll probably create a large tapestry in a couple of sittings. painting was done with playdough

3. Reading Dora and playing bowling with kitchen rolls.

4. Eating and planting lychee seeds in the garden (I have serious doubts as to whether they will ever sprout), but Anjali wants lots of lycheee trees from which she can eat lychees everyday.

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