Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shapia do it

We were getting ready to go to the playground. Anjali had gotten her bicycle and the door was open

Me: Sophia, come and put on your shoes

Sophia: No!

Me: Put on your shoes and we'll go to the playground.

Sophia took her shoes and went inside the living room.

Sophia: Shapia do it.

Me: let me put on your shoes

Sophia: Shapia do it

Me: You want to put on your shoes?

Sophia (nodding head and body vigourously): hmm

Me: ok. Anjali, this will take a while, take your bicycle for a couple of rounds in the lift lobby

So Sophia began to put on her shoes. its a task thats entirely too complicated for a one year old, and whenever she half got it right, she was so excited that the pulled the shoe off. i waited for five minutes

Me: Sophia, can I help you?

Sophia: No. Shapia do it

Me:Ok, but we need to go outside.

Sophia carried her shoes outside.

Sophia: Sitdown

Me: Ok. Sit down outside. Can i put on your shoes?

Sophia: No. Shapia do it oushide

So she sat there in front of the door and repeated the process. I waited another five minutes. It was 8.15.

Me: Sophia, can I help you?

Sophia: No. Anchaaali

Me: Anjali must put on your shoes?

Sophia (head and body nodding enthuisiastically again): hmm

Anjali came up in her bicycle. Now, Anjali is very good at putting on her own shoes, but she hasnt got the knack of putting shoes on a wiggling toddler.

Anjali: Ok Sophia, put your leg here. slowly... gently... like a snail...

I went up to help. Sophia snatched her foot away

Sophia: Anchaali do it.

it was another ten minutes before I lost my patience, got the girl, held her leg and put in the shoes

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