Monday, June 14, 2010

Reading with Anjali

On the train back, Anjali slept from 3pm to 5pm and Sophia slept from 4pm to 7pm. As we arrived in Singapore at 9pm (as opposed to the expected 7.45pm) there had to be some way in which we could kill the intervening hours. We read karadi rhymes. One of the songs in karadi rhymes is the song of bhootaramji and the puppy's tail. Each time I opened the page, Anjali would ask

"Mummy, why bootaramji is here?"

So I made up a story about genies who lived in crystal palaces and how an earthquake came and shattered the palaces. The genies with their broken hearts stayed in all the nooks that they could find - lamps (like Alaadin's genie) and bottles (like bootaramji). I must have repeated the story about fifteen times so far.

We then read Valmiki Ramayana - a version from Amar Chitra Katha. I think Anjali enjoyed it. It was a rather comprehensive edition, and Anjali was already familiar with some of the short stories in it - like Surasa and hanuman setting fire to lanka, the kidnapping of Sita etc. We did the story quickly once and then some parts of it slowly.

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