Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the Ramayana influence

it all began with that excellent picture book that thattha got when Anjali was less than a year old. It was a beautifully illustrated (i havent been able to find that kind of illustrations and believe me when i say I have looked) version - one illustration per page - rather abridged version of the ramayana. The words were not so poignant - but oh - what lovely pictures!!

Now, Anjali knows the story very well. I think Sophia does too. Ater all, when she is playing Ravana in our skits, and tells the story to her dad at the end of the day, there is a certain punch in her action at the name of Ravana and a certain softness at Sita's name. Ofcourse, the romance of the skit has been added upon by the pal pal hai bhari song, which Anjali sings so beautifully. its about the only proper movie song that she knows - although we play some bollywood music to the children of and on.

And who can forget the exhibit that patti and Anjali came with in india involving several old tamil songs woven into the story of the Ramayana.

Now, i am thinking what i can instill into the children using the Ramayana story. It is more than a set of characters, songs and skits. there are undercurrent themes there - heroic acts, faithfullness, the danger of strangers - all of which can be put into today's context.

Lets see how it shapes up

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