Monday, June 14, 2010

piate toie

every time we got into a car/ taxi/ van, sophia would ask

"piate toie"

I would say "Ok. once upon a time, there was a"

"Ada piate"

"Ada pirate"

"Anchali piate"

"Anjali pirate"

"shapia piate"

"Sophia Pirate"

"Mummy pirate", Anjali would pipe up

"yes, and mummy pirate. And they all went in a"

"Boat!" (Sophia)

"In a boat. How did they go in a boat?"

"yo yo yo boat!"

"Row row row your boat. And they all went into a jungle. And what did they see there?"


"ok, lion. And then?"


"tiger and then"


"And elephant"

And so the story will go on, for the duration of the journey or until the girls got distracted my something else.

"What do the girls understand by the term pirate?" asked husband "Other than it being a big word adjective that they can add to their and other names to look pretty?"

Once Anjali didnt want an "Ada piate, Anchali piate" story

"Mummy, I want a eal piate stoie", she said

"I am telling you a real pirate story"

"No. But I dont want the pirates to be persons"

"Ok. so once upon a time, there were five pirates"

"No. six pirates" (Anjali)

"I thought you want me to tell a real pirate story?"

"Yes. but I want to tell you the number of pirates"

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