Friday, June 25, 2010

Painting buttterflies

Yesterday morning, I set up a butterfly painting station for Anjali. The primary idea is simple - put dollops of paint on paper, fold the paper, press and look at the nice patterns when they form.

I added anotehr bit of instruction. There was a wet cloth which she had to use to wipe each brush and spoon after using so as to keep the colors from mixing too much.

The paints were the usual flour, hotwater, foodcoloring mix, and I ha1d prefolded the paper to help her get the lines straight.

But I must admit that I was surprised with the results

Spooning paint on the paper

Wiping the spoon clean

At this point, Anjali's focus and concentration were so admirable, that I decided to switch to video mode

Anjali created tons of beautiful butterflies. Unfortunately flour paint takes long to dry and i had spread her creations on the dining table before going for work. They had gotten folded over the day before they dried and Anjali informed me sadly that most of the butterflies had "teared"

Only one survived the tearing and I put it up on the art wall, promising her that we will do another session soon.

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