Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Of gods and other matters

here are some funny conversations with the three year old

"Mummy. When i grow up, I want to be god"

In the playground

"Mummy, come to my house. I will show you"

I go to her "house"

"This is my house. This is where I sleep. but some people died in my house"

"They did?"


"Then their ghosts will come. I am scared"

"No. They are friendly ghosts. you dont have to be scared"

We settle into her house and she turns off the light

"If the lion comes, wake me up. I will shoot it with an arrow"


In the morning

"Mummy, I dont ever want to make pee pee"

"Ok. But are you sure?"

"Yes. I dont want to make pee pee for my whole life"

"Ok. But what if you need to go urgently"

"Then I will go in the cupboard"

"But the clothes in the cupboard will stink"

"Then i will go in the ceiling"

"How will you reach?"

"I will get a ladder, climb up turn upside down and go. "


Talk about logical solutions

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