Monday, June 14, 2010

Kutti obeler

We just returned from Taman negara. it was a wwonderful 4 days, and the girls really learnt a lot. Husband feels that we ought to go back again (an organized IEP trip perhaps). The photos will follow shortly, but here are some anecdotes.

Anjali, owing to the many hikes to Bukit Timah hill and in Yercaud, has developed a nice passion for monkey like exploration. She was in her element in the forest - unafraid of the night walk, bravely climbing up the staircases made of roots, balancing on the canopy walkway, swimming in the caves and the hightlight of the exploration was a dark cave which Anjali had to frog march (husband had to slither through like a snake) and mummy and Sophia had to stay behind as it was way to complicated for Sophia. She earned her title of explorer.

As Anjali walked, we would praise her efforts

"Anjali, You are a big explorer"

Sibling competitiveness would kick in


"What about Sophia?"


It took us a while to figure out that Obeler means explorer.

"What kind of obeler are you?"

"tutti obeler!"

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