Thursday, June 3, 2010

Imagination, creativity and solutions

Some of us spend all our lives figuring out the mechanisms of creativity and imagination. Here are some examples of how they are generated in a three year old. Does the SIAM model explain these?

At night

Anjali: Mummy, I dont want to sleep

Me: the lights are off, its past ten O clock and you must try to sleep.

Anjali: Mummy, the lights in the hall are on mummy.

Me: Thats because Anu aunty is packing to go to Malaysia.

Anjali: I want to play with Anu aunty

Me: Anu aunty will come back on Sunday and then you can play with her.

Anjali: Why Anu aunty will come back on Sunday?

Me: Because Anu aunty's mummy and daddy will come with her and stay at our house.

Anjali: Why Anu aunty's mummy and daddy will stay at our house?

Me: Because they need a place to stay and our house is big.

Anjali: Why our house is big mummy?

I wanted to say "because daddy wanted a big house". Then i reconsidered

Me: Anjali, look at you - see how you are growing. You will soon be as big as an oak tree. Ad then you'll need your own room. And Sophia will be as big as a maple tree and she'll need her own room. So we need a big house.

Anjali: But me and Sophia will cuddle up in the same bed. And percy will cuddle up with us. Because percy will be cold!!!! heee!!!


Anjali: mummy, i want yakult.

Me: There is no yakult in the fridge.

Anjali: Why mummy?

Me: Because you finished all the yakult yesterday.

Anjali: Mummy, can you buy me more yakult?

Me: Ok. Tomorrow I'll buy you more yakult.

Anjali: Can you buy me more yakult now?

Me: No Anjali, the shop is closed.

Anjali: Why the shop is closed mummy?

Me: Because the shop uncle has gone to sleep.

Anjali: Then we should call a fairy to get us yakult

Me: How?

Anjali: The fairy will open the door.

Me: How?

Anjali: With a wand mummy!!

Me: But who will we give the money to?

Anjali: To the fairy

Me: No Anjali, the shop uncle will be sad if we go and take yakult from the shop when he is sleeping.

Anjali: Why mummy?

Me: Will you like it if a fairy came to our house when you are sleeping and used a wand to take your garfield away?

Anjali reflected: No.

Me: Thats why.

She seemed to accept it, though she asked for yakult again first thing in the morning.

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