Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Girls evening out

The girls and I had a perfectly killing evening out yesterday. husband was a mite late from work, and I had several errands to run. Anu and her parents were visiting, but they were not to be expected until half past seven. Anu's clock usually runs a bit late, so I felt it would be safe to run errands till around 8pm.

We went to West mall. Sophia needed a pair of shoes for the upcoming trip to Taman Negara. I still needed several miscellaneous supplies (milo, baby cereal, more cambells soup, incase the food at the chalet is not suitable for the girls and we had to resort to pasta). We stopped at the shoe shop, where, while waiting to be served, the girls amused themselves by trying on the various flipflops and shoes (even those that were three inches too big)

After the shoe shop, we stopped at udders for icecream. A lady at the next table had triplets (three year old triplets). My girls and her boys were doing some sort of interactive parallel play, while we stayed for over half an hour eating one small scoop of icecream. Sophia then decided it was an amusing thing to do to take everyone's handbags. The girls set up a kind of game where Sophia would take away the handbag and Anjali would return it.

This happened while by back was turned for a minute when we packed up the left over icecream.

In a way the outing was significant because it is my first real proper outing alone with the two girls without husband or patti helping out. I think it marks some responsibility defining moment in my maternal career, though I cant really articulate how. 

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