Thursday, June 17, 2010

An evening at home with barf

Sophia has got a minor stomach flu and had been mostly on stone juice for the whole of yesterday. Barring one cupful of porridge, which patti gave her in the evening, she didnt manage to keep much down (the second cupful that i gave her at night came out after about an hour). We didnt take her to the hospital for two reasons. We had a lot of electrolyte solution left over from last time and she was keeping the electrolyte down atleast.

So around the time husband came back from work, i had both girls in the bedroom with two bags full of stuffed toys, entertaining them with a curtain puppet show of the three bears. Goldilocks had just gotten into the bears house and was looking for porridge to eat when Anjali, who had been sitting on a stack of three pillows, watching the show, said

"Mummy, I dont want to watch. i want to put up the show"

So Sophia and I perched on the pillow seat. I knew I was taking a risk. There was a chance of barf and maybe even more on the bedspread.

Anjali brought out the soft toys one by one over the makeshift curtain (a blanket spread across two chairs) and got them all to say hello. They did, and so did we.

Sophia began to wriggle.

"mummy.. Mummy"

Husband had just gotten home. He got his dinner and came to the bedroom. Knowing as i did what may lurk around the corner, i shooed him out to eat in the dining room.

"Mummy... mummy... taie"

Husband had finished dinner. Anjali had dropped waving all the softtoys from the top of the curtain and they were pretty much strewn across the floor. Now she was a monkey (She has been reading how Hanuman jumped across the ocean to the tree). The chair was the tree, and the bed, which happened to have a nice blue sheet on it passed off as a passable ocean.

Anjali requested for Sophia to be Sita, so Sophia and i perched on the bottom of the chair. Sophia became a little more lively for a few minutes, while she watched husband tie a tail on Anjali. Anjali jumped from one side of the bed to the other, her tail becoming entangled in some places and loose in others. A good twenty minutes passed.


I carried her and was just out of reach of the softtoys strewn on the floor, of the mattress and the bed, and the mats surrounding it and Anjali's tail when it happened. Sophia barfed all over me.

She felt better after that and husband and I gave her a couple of helpings of stone juice, and a dose of smecta, and a dose of panadol.

This morning, she was up at 6am, together with Anjali.

"Do you want idli?" I asked her.

"idili", she replied and then


"ok", I said, giving her idlis with the tiniest spoon of yogurt.

Some amount of idlis went down, aided and abetted by Karadi rhymes and a small helping of stone juice.

I checked with patti and it has stayed down so far.

But all that barf has not stopped Sophia from asking for dodurt yice and manana and uigai from my dinner plate and throwing a tantrum when i refused to give them to her.

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