Monday, June 7, 2010

Colourful journeys: The national museum part 1: Shiro and the cherry blossom

The national museum has a set of exhibitions for children over this week and next weekend. We happened to visit there yesterday, after the brunch. Dhana accompanied us. Dhana was having a rare bout of free time given that Vishnu was overseas and Ramesh was working and she wanted to relax the time off by spending it with the girls. Ofcourse, doses of the girls can be extremely relaxing.

We decided to watch Shiro and the cherry blossom. It was a nice show and Sophia, who was sitting on my lap really enjoyed the cat in the show, and kept calling it meow in very loud voices. i think Anjali enjoyed the show as well, though she was a bit let down as we couldnt get tickets near each other and she had to sit with husband. She was a bit upset about it as the story was a little emotionally charged and she prefers holding my hand during such scenes.

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