Monday, June 7, 2010

Colourful journeys: Monkey see, monkey do

perhaps, the highlight of the day was the show of the capseller and the monkeys - a story time interactive puppet show that was put up by two very gifted young men (Reuben and Mark). With a combination of sing along and story telling, they brought the children into a very absorbing world of stories. We met Ohviya at the story time. They hadnt realized that it was for babies and hadnt brought Vedika along.

The girls were extremely taken in by the show, and if I am not mistaken we will be keeping an eye out for following this pair of artists in their journeys.

As part of their story, the monkey, who would at some time in the soty be stealing the capseller's caps, was looking for friends.

"Those who want to be the monkey's friends, please put up your hands"

Anjali put up her hands and got picked up by the monkey!

The monkey made her do several tricks - scratching, jumping etc, before giving her a pair of ears

Here are some videos (though the camera ran out of batteries, as cameras are often apt to do.)

Anjali was thrilled at being chosen to be a monkey. She came back to me after the show, all excited

"mummy!, The monkey put a hat on me when i was sleeping!!"

Patti says that she is so thrilled to be a monkey that she has been climbing the furniture all morning, saying that she is a monkey

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