Monday, June 7, 2010

Colourful journeys: The interactive story land

The story land was an area with a huge feltboard and lots of characters, blocks and puppets for playing. I loved the costumes (Can i design some for the girls?)

They had a good time, barring the time when Sophia's diaper leaked.

The problem with me is that whenever I see something interesting, I want to do it myself for the kids at home. Ofcourse, some things like the tunnel and teh sound garden are easy to do. But a costume and puppet theatre, especially one involving a giant felt board will be a heavy tradeoff for the time consumed. And then what puppets should I put there and what story would they enact?

More importantly, which part of the house will the theatre be, and which wall will need to be transformed? It will be dinteresting, no doubt - but such an activity requires planning.

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