Friday, June 25, 2010

Colors and numbers

too, yet, nine!!"" is the general exhuberent reply if I ask Sophia to count something.

Like Wolf puppies on a Dora book.

or to tell me the time.

Yesterday I gave her her pasta and stick kit to fiddle around with. she played with them for about ten minutes, pushing, poking, pouring, threading. Then with a flourish, she went

"two, yet, nine, chosh"

i looked up. She had counted the pasta and put them in the box, and yes, she had closed the box.


If you ask Sophia what color is something, she would say "Orange! purple!"

For a long time, i thought that it was the likes of Anjali, who would, at the age of 1.5, say that everything was blue, or Ananya, who would say that everything was green. However, husband pointed out that this odd pairing of colors can be attributed to our esteemable and favorite house monster whose eyes are orange and who has purple prickles all over his back. 

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