Monday, June 7, 2010

box house puppets

On Saturday, we were at the vivo city, where there was a show called the hood. It was a sort of interactive puppet show, with the puppets in a miniature theatre (see the house in the background. The audience are to put their heads through the holes in the houses and see the storyteller picturizing the stories)

It was a free show and since the girls were so crazy about puppets, we felt it was a good idea to take them. We sat through two stories - one was a interpretative rendering of the queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Anjali didnt like the story too much, though I liked it. This was because the queen of hearts kept crying and ordering people's heads to be cut off. She also wanted to take my nose - at which point Anjali began to cry.

I convinced her to sit through another story where we sat through a telling of hansel and gretal where gretal ate a candy witch. Anjali liked that one very much.

As for Sophia, i asked her

"Did you see a puppet show?"

And she said

"isa, biny, chico, dora dora, boosh, thofolo, pooh, pidet"

These are, ofcourse, the puppets that we feature in our home theatre

Vivo is itself a nice place because of the rooftop piha beach

Husband and the girls apparently saw a real pirate ship with pirates on top, but ofcourse no one invited me to take a peek

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