Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baking bites

The apple cake that we baked last week finished on sunday, so yesterday evening, we made a banana and chocolate chip cake - another Esther Brody recipe. here is what happened.

First Anjali peeled the bananas and put them in a bowl. Sophia took one banana and bit it with the skin on. She ate the banana and spat out the skin. "manana manana", she said, pointing to the bananas in the bowl. So I took another banana to give her while husband supervised Anjali when she used her fingers to mash up the bananas.

Husband measured out flour to pour into another bowl. Anjali poured one cup of flour. Shapia doit poured another cup. The girls then measured out sugar and salt and baking powder.

We took out the chocolate chips. Anjali spooned out the chocolate chips to pour into the bowl. Then we added oil. It needed to be mixed to the right consistency, so I did the mixing at this point.

We set everything aside and then gave an egg to Anjali to crack,  which she did admirably well. There were no shells in the bowl. We mixed in the milk and added the previously mashed bananas. All these got poured into the flour mixture, which Anjali whisked beautifully.

I had set up a blue chair which she could stand on to work on the kitchen counter. She whisked everything up, and then I gave her a scoop to scoop the batter up into the baking dish. She did it so beautifully. At this point, Shapia do it also wanted to scoop batter. I gave her another scoop and husband had to watch over the scoop and the batter to ensure that too much of it doesnt get on the counter. The cake then went into the oven and the mixing pan to the girls, who licked it clean.

I got a bit of the cake for lunch today and its simply divine. Soft and moist, because of the bananas with a hint of chocolate. The girls learn a lot by cooking.

After the cooking was done, Anjali shifted her blue chair to the sink, got out the sponge and washed all the dishes. She asked me to turn the water on small, so as to not waste the fish water.

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