Friday, June 18, 2010

The ability to induce and create

Creativity and induction is children are among the most studied mysteries in cognitive science research. As Anjali grows up, I have seen many bubbles of the two coming out (from wild imaginative stories of banana eating pirares, and teachers carrying other teachers by the arm pits). Yesterday there was one very nice induction example that happened that i had to write down.

We were returning from the library and at the train station spotted two children, an older girl, perhaps around 5 or 6, and a younger child, of maybe three years old, carrying and arguing about a bag. The younger child was wearing a very nice pink tutu, which i pointed out to my two children. Husband wanted to buy something from popular and the girls and I were looking at the several pooh books on sale. (We have stopped buying books at home for lack of storage space)

After a while, Anjali began a story

"Mummy, I saw two children - a big sister and a small sister. The big sister was carrying a bag. But the baby wanted to carry the bag. But there was some important things in the bag for their mummy, so the baby couldnt carry it. And so the big sister said no."

"And then what happened?", I asked, fascinated by this bout of induction.

"Then they snatched and snatched and snatched and argued about it"

And to think that psychologists are not able to develop models for anything more than categorization based induction

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