Monday, May 10, 2010

The world according to Anjali

At home at 3pm, when I just want to close my eyes and the girls to close their eyes for an afternoon nap.

Anjali rips scotch tape from a cardboard box we had been using for a slide down. She sits on top of the box and throws a dog across the room. She then brings the scotch tape close to her mouth

"Parents and Children, Please get the dog, especially Sophia, If Sophia doesnt want to get it, especially mummy. Thank you and welcome"

Sophia picks up the dog. Anjali throws the dog again across the room

"Parents and children, Who wants to pick up the dog raise your hand"

Sophia raises both hands, picks dog and gives it to Anjali. Anjali throws it across the room.

I was not quite able to contain my curosity

"Who are you Anjali?"

"I am the train aunty in the zoo"

"I want a magic snake all around me when i go on my bicycle - around my legs and whole body. And then the snake will turn into a stick"

(This, when she fell off the bike a couple of times yesterday)

I think the snake turning to a stick comes from the Moses story.. Believe they watched a cartoon or something in school. Should check with the teacher

At Ananya's house

"Anjali, shall we take Deepika to our house with us?"

Anjali: Ok

Ananya: No.

J aunty: Lets do a  baby swap. Anjali can take Deepika, and Ananya can take Sophia.

Ananya: No.

Anjali thinks it over: Mummy, we'll take two babies to our house. 

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