Monday, May 31, 2010

A wierd conversation

Last night, Anjali and i were reading a book about Katy duck - soomething about a duck who loved to dance and who danced from morning to night and dreamed of dancing when she slept.

"What do you dream of, Anjali?" I asked

"I dream of soldiers", she said

This extraordinary pronouncement made me give pause.

"Soldiers?" I repeated


"What did the soldiers do?" I questioned

"They came all the way to our house."

"They came all the way to our house?"

"Yes. And they took us away."

"They took us away?"

"Yes. They took me away, and they took you away."

"Where did they take us to?"

"To their house"

"They took us to their house? What did they make us do there?"

"They made us to sleep"

"Thats ok. We can sleep in the soldier's house, and we can sleep at home, so its not so bad."

"No mummy, but the soldiers will flatten us up"

By this time, i was very disturbed. Where did Anjali get this vision from? Husband, who had been listening in said, "Its probably some story she heard, some of the religious tales with Krishna have soldiers in them"

"What were the soldiers wearing, Anjali", i asked.

"They were only wearing their jetti"

"Were they carrying something?"

"Yes, they were carrying swords"

One of the reasons why I am a bit more upset / distressed than I would be is because I have been reading a book by Eric Kandel, who describes in his book a little bit about the holocaust in Austria and how it shaped his life. So the expressions they came to our house, took us away and made us sleep have some horrific meanings for me. Ofcourse, though I have discussed the book with husband, we have never mentioned any of these stuff in front of the children. Infact, we never specifically discussed the holocaust as a topic other than mentioning in passing that there was the holocaust and it shaped Kandel's life.

Anjali had been reading quite ardently krishnaleela, and I know there is mention of soldiers in that book, but not like the kind she said and anyway, I am positive that none of us told her a story like this one before.

So i ventured to ask her

"Who told you all this Anjali?"

And she replied. "No one. I learnt it all by myself"

What do i make of this?

Anjali had a rather disturbed night's sleep - owing to a tiring day. But this morning, when she woke up, I asked her

"Did you have a dream?"


"What did you dream of?" I asked with some trepadition

"I dreamt of flowers"

"What color were the flowers?"

"They were pink flowers" 

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