Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome to Sophia's house (with translations in sandard English)

Guest: knock knock

Sophia: thume (come)

Guest: This is your house?

Sophia: hmm (very enthusiastically)

Guest: What's your name?

Sophia: Shapia

Guest: I am very thirsty

Sophia (holding out her hand): hmm

Guest: What is this?

Sophia: aater (water)

guest (mimes drinking): very nice. thank you

Sophia smiles graciously

Guest: I am very hungry. can you give me something to eat?

Sophia (holds out her hand): hmm

Guest: whhat is this?

Sophia: Chaputi

Guest: Thank you. Do you have any curries to go with it?

Sophia: hmm turi

Guest: What curry is this?

Sophia: Dhosha!

Guest: Thank you. Can you give me something to drink?

Sophia: dus! (juice)

Guest: What juice is this?

Sophia: apple!

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