Thursday, May 13, 2010

A tangled web of science

Due to Sophia's barfing episode, we had camped last night in the living room with bedsheets. Anjali was very intrigued by this change of venue and didnt make a fuss about turning off the lights

Anjali: Mummy, we are camping.

Me: Yes.

Anjali: We will turn off the lights.

I brought a book.

Anjali: Mummy. I am very tired, lets turn off the light and camp.... (a minute) Ok, after we read this book, we'll turn off the light and camp

The lights got turned off.

Anjali: mummy, it is dark. The sun has gone to Romania?

Me: Yes. The sun is already in Romania and it will soon go to America.

Anjali: The sun will go to America and then to Romania?

Me: No. the sun will go to Romania first

Anjali: Mummy, I think you are saying the wrong thing. America is the first (Question: Is she saying this or did someone tell her?)

I know I said something about earth and newzealand being first, but cant quite remember.

Then after a while

Anjali: Mummy, when it is day, the stars will go to Romania?

Me: Yes. or rather, Romania will go to the stars. The earth goes round and round and Romania will face the stars.

Anjali digested this and then: Mummy. Our building is moving?

Me: What makes you think so?

Anjali: Our building is moving and I think it will fall down.

I was trying hard to keep a straight face and thanking the dark.

Anjali: If the building is tall until the sky, it will fall down when it moves.

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