Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday at the playeum

We organized an IEP trip to the playeum. It was a great attempt by the southwest CDC to get children to explore. Here are some of the activities that the kids participated in

Exploring the water bowls at the start of the path

Making a headdress

Anjali's headdress (Sophia had a blast moviong the collage materials from one pot to another and pouring sequins all over the place - but refused to wear her headdress in the end)

Sophia and patti explore the percussion section, which was a lot of pots, pans and drums. Sophia enjoyed the drums. Even after we got home, she kept enthusiastically miming drumming. I guess I can set up something like this at home. For a while, i have been inspired to create a sound garden where the children could bang and toss to their heart's content. Now may be a good time to scourge out old pots, pans and cups.

This is one of many cardboard houses. Sophia promptly got in to play her favorite "house" game

Ramya plaing in the giant soft blocks

That sure looks bulky!!

Drawing on the hourses

More decorations

Bharat and Dheeraj exploring the percussions. The boys were happiest in the music making area, while the girls were more crafty. This was a general; observation, though it falls cleanly within sterotypes. Dheeraj wanted to do the clay, but unfortunately the clay session closed before he got there. This is another thing I could do at home - the kids made playdough clay and then painted it with glitter. Glitter is something that I use at home when i am in real desperate need for quiet, or when Anjali asks really many times. It gets everywhere and stays for days. However, the playeum people had mixed glitter with paint. Thats a nice idea to control its spread.

More house play
When the children needed a break from the craft, there was always the sand pit to explore

The boys, especially appreciated having the opportunity to play outdoors. jayanthy and some of the parents set up a frisbee game going which the boys keenly enjoyed.

One of the day's highlights - movement painting. Getting started

The children take up their positions

Ofcourse, Anjali began painting before the instructions were given

the job was to draw using wax or make lines using tape, then paint on them to see how the wax resisted the paint. According to Art experiences for toddlers and twos, many of the younger children wont be able to appreciate a crayon resist until they are nearly four. However, they had a good time painting.

How would it be if we did this as an activity - As a preparation, I could get large mahjong papers and make wax/ same color crayon drawings on them, a scenery, a cartoon character, or something. Then I could give gigantic amounts of paint to the children and ask them to paint the whole sheet and discover what is hiding under. I wondr if this could be an activity for the IEP camp. I have done some mini crayon resists of her favorite characters with Anjali and she generally likes to do them. The trick ofcourse will be to use some very thin colors. Tempera paint needs to be watered down or else the crayon wont be able to resist it sufficiently. This, I think was a mistake made by the playeum people, their tempera paint wasnt thin enough, and the kids had to wipe it a little.


After all the exploration, we came back again to work with the percussion instruments. The boys and Sophia joined in to have a great blast.

We rounded up the day's activities in a typical IEP fasion with circle time. The reflections were rather short, and the kids were busy eating, but we did feel that it was an afternoon well spent

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