Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sophia's temper

We find it very amusing when Sophia loses her temper, or is muleheaded. But it is only going to be a matter of time when we need to take action. Already, we are finding two different kinds of crying - tantrum crying, and real crying.

Yesterday, after playground, the girls were having dinner. Atleast, Sophia was having dinner, and Anjali was having a snack. There was bread and she wanted jam with it. We were out of jam, so husband gave her bread with honey. Sophia, who was eating idlis with cauliflower soup, pounced on the honey bottle (thankfully it was closed). she then pounced on a spoon

"poon that, poon that"

The spoon in question was quite dirty with cauliflower soup and no way was i going to stick it into my honey pot. I got up to clear up and told Sophia(anticipating a tantrum) that i would give her another spoon.

I was in the kitchen for quite a while - getting water, putting away the dishes, cutting bread pudding for husband etc. Sophia toddled in.

"What do you want" (I had quite forgotten the honey)


I gave her a teaspoon

"that" (I then realized that she wanted the honey)

"I'll give you something else to pour"

So i gave her some water in a bown and a tray. Sophia poured out the water on the tray and began to cry.

"Amma taie!!! Amma Taie!!" (Sophia cant articulate the ka sound, she says ta "taie, tata, tadle")

So I carried her and she pointed to everything on the kitchen counter in turn, without finding the honey (the honey was in the cupboard)

Now I wonder what Sophia would think of molasses to play with. Should i give her some to make a mess out of? i have some old molasses which i got as a gift and hardly use. i cant give it away as it is already open, but maybe the girls can have some fun out of it. 

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