Monday, May 10, 2010

Sophia's story telling abilities

Husband says that Sophia knows every miniscule detail about Dora.

All we need to do, is to stay in front of her and turn the pages. here's Sophia's version of Dora's backpack. I will put up a video of her story telling one of these days.

page 1:

"Doia, boosh!"

page 2:


page 3:
"gumpy toll" (grumpy troll)
"Shisos" (What do you need to cut a net?)

page 4:
"ain. ummella" (There is a cloud that rains. You guess the rest. )

Page 5:
Boosh, Shand (boots stuck in Sand)

Page 6:
Doia Pull (Dora must pull a rope)

Page 7:
"Shopper!!" (Swiper)

"Shhopper No!!!!" (Swiper no swiping)

Page 8:
"Doia ro boat" (Dora is in a boat)

Page 9
"Ope door" (Open the library door)

Page 10

"Octopush, boof" (Boof being her all time favorite word)

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