Monday, May 3, 2010

Sophia needs 50 books a day

I guess reading is a very nice thing, and a preference for books is something to be thankful for. I know that i should be grateful when I hear

"Mummy! Can you read me this book!!!!!" across the house to the other side.

I am. Especialy that stories and books take priority over other visual things in the house, such as tv. Here are some book moments that make me laugh (much later than when they are happening)

Sophia woke up this morning, two minutes before I was due to leave for work. She goes to the bookshelf (without brushing her teeth, without having breakfast)


Anjali picks another book. Its stuck between two heavier volumes.

"Mummy, Read me this book"

"I'll read for two minutes flat, and then i have to go to work,"

"Why mummy?" This from Anjali

"Because I have work at the office"

"Boof. This. Boof! toie" This from Sophia.

Sophia gets very excited when she sees elephants in her book.


With their penchant for stories and everything, yesterday I cut up a cereal box and converted it into a puppet theatre. I made the girls sit on a chair while I sat at the dining table. You wont believe it - Sophia sat in the gray chair for half an hour watching the various puppets in action. She was so excited to see Dora popping up from under the stage and telling her stories.

Dora told the girls a couple of songs, and then the gruffalo story. The gruffalo story was fairly long, but when it finished, Sophia was ready with her encore

"Dora! Dora!!"

So Dora had to come up on stage and dance for the girls again. 

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