Monday, May 24, 2010

she is fighting with me!!

on Saturday, husband took Anjali to the swimming pool and to a carnival at civil service club. The idea was that i could wake up  a little late and that Sophia will sleep in. that way I could get a bit of quiet time. I had been very tired as of late due to some long hours at work.

I got up soon after husband left with Anjali, though and was in the midst of a shower when Sophia woke up. Then she wanted me to stay with her and read her a thousand books. Now, Sophia has a very curious habit. She doesnt want her book to end. And she almost always knows (for the books she is familiar with, atleast) when the plot is going to finish. She has an uncanny ability to detect close to happily ever after, upon which she would cry and either turn the page back to somewhere in the middle of the book, or point somewhere at random and say "This... boof". Examples include when Maisy successfully pulls Eddie out of teh snow, When Dora finishes rescuing whoever she rescues, when Mr Rogers puts some of Amelia Bedelia's pie in Mrs Roger's mouth.

Well, I had lunch to cook and couldnt spend all my morning reading boofs to her, so I took her to the kitchen to play with the stuff in the cupboards. She started pulling all the plastic containers and yogurt pots out, upon which I gave her a potato and an onion to cook - which he happily did for about ten minutes (enough time for me to get the pasta sauce ingredients and set it to boil). Then she stood up.

"ater pour!"

So I took her to the bathroom.


Out went a bucket full of water, a small bucket and (Sophia took) an empty yakult container. For almost half an hour she watered the plant (She could reach the plants on the ledge so the procedure was this)

pick water from bucket using yakult container, ask mummy to carry, pour water in the plants.

As the container was small, she cound pour several containers of water on the plants, and I believe that the plants were happy. She definitely was. Happy and with shorts that were soaked through. Considering the weather and the fact that shhe would get wet, I wisely let her go shirt free.

Then she came back in for oats and wanted (surprise surpise) a boof. This time it was amelia bedelia.  There came a stage where Amelia bedelia drew the drapes. Now, to regress from the story a bit, Sophia likes to draw. She draw everywhere, pen on paper, felt pens on her body, stick on sand, imaginary art on the playground pillars, and she always draws "anai". She has a big penchant for elephants. Sophia really loves elephants. (she identifies all the Maisy characters by name, but for Eddie, who she simply calls anai)

Now, i was reading Amelia bedelia to her, and it went something like this.

Me: So Amelia bedelia drew thosse drapes

Sophia (pointing to drawing): anai

it took me a while to understand what she was saying

Me: No Sophia, thats not an anai. thats a curtain. Amelia is drawing curtains.

Sophia: Amelia anai.

Me (entering into the argument): curtain

Sophia: Anai. daw anai

Me: curtain curtain

Sophia. Anai Anai

Me: No curtain

Sophia (beginning to cry): Anai. puleese Anai

i relented: Ok. Amelia Bedelia took a paper and pencil and drew an anai

Then Sophia was happy and let me continue the story.

This is not the only time she argued with me over the weekend. Anjali had left a box of random toys on the bed and Sophia was rummaging it one morning. She found a fish. i happened upon her and the fish and made the fish swim on the bed.

Me: Sophia, see, the fish is swimming on the bed

Sophia: shish. ater

Me: The fish is swmming on the bed

Sophia. No. Shish shim ater

These two arguments have been repeated a countless times over the last weekend to my and eventually to Sophia's amusement. So much so that yesterday, in the taxi, i began

Me: Sophia. Amelia bedelia draws the curtain

Sophia: anai

Me: Curtain

Sophia: Anai. shish ater

Fast of her to make the association between the events from the charateristic pattern of the dialogue. Husband was very amused. i was simply amazed and proud, for a sixteen month old to make this sort of associations

Abot the drawing, husband says that he is fairly sure that if you take the drawing of the drapes and turn it or convert it into some abstract art, it could become an anai. Theoretically. 


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