Monday, May 17, 2010

An obsession with nailpolish

on Thursday, I heard that Mikaela has nail polish. So Anjali wanted nail polish too. On friday, I took half day for Anjali's parent's day and was made to go to west mall to buy nail polish. Anjali chose some sort of pink. She has been painting everyone's nails since then (she wants to paint them herself). her own finger nails. Sophia's toe nails (i drew a line at Sophia's finger nails, although Sophia sticks her nails out and says "pulish"), thattha's toe nails, and my finger nails. Daddy refused to get his toenails painted, as he is embarrassed to have pink toe nails at the swimming pool.

Here are some moments:

Sophia showing off her painted toes
Anjali showing her self painted fingers

The budding manicurist

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