Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nice morning moments

At seven, I woke Anjali up by cuddling to her and singing St magladene of Canossa. She has  been singing the song at the top of her voice recently at every chance she gets.

She got up, miraculously without any fuss.

"What do you want for breakfast?"

Anjali's breakfast has been, for the past few days, a bit of a morning battle. There is a mild drop in her morning appetite, which has gone largely unnoticed and unmentioned in the light of Sophia's food strike. The girl who used to eat, without complain noodles and cheese, has shown a dislike for the favored dish. She now opts for more of our food - milk/ cereals/ toast.

So this morning, her option was to have mamaliga with cheese. So mamaliga with cheese it was. And while waiting for it to get ready i put Stephen Devassy's sacred chants. Sandhya has a knack for picking nice music and Sacred chants vol 5 has an absolutely beautiful rendering of madhuraashtakam. I played it and told Anjali about it

"Anjali, this is a Krishna song"

"Adharam Madhuram vadanam madhuram....."

I looked at the girl in front of me, sitting on her little plastic toy car, smiling with an innocent face at me.

"hridhayam Madhuram, gamanam madhuram"

I took her face in my hands

"Anjali, this song is about krishna and about you"

"Madhuraa dhipathe rakilam madhuram". i sang along.

Anjali's smile widened.

"Mummy. Krishna is in my heart"

And that, I believe, explained it all.

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