Tuesday, May 4, 2010

mud play and playground tales

I set up three activities for the girls last evening, and we did two of them thoroughly. The first activity was a simple routine one, a trip to the playground. We were there for an hour, which was very nice for the girls as many of their friends were already there. Anjali adn Sophia had a blast, playing with Sharon, oliver, pooja, Ram and the rest. I didnt have enough eyes. Anjali wanted to copy Ram's monkey businesses and it is very difficult for me to watch her as she climbs outside the play railings. Iit is hard for me to kepe my eyes on both children when Anjali does that and Sophia is inside the playground. Sophia is usually careful when in the playground, But I worry about her going down the steps. She can do it if she is conscious, but with the amusement of ten other children, all noisy monkeys, is rather distracting for a small kid.

At 8.30, Sophia began to get tired. She had only had half her dinner, and the girls were extremely sweaty and dirty. So I promised Anjali that once she went home and took a bath, she could have another activity. She could even invite her friends to join the mess making. however, the next day being a school day, her friends couldnt join in the mess time.

By the time the girls finished their bath and dinner, it was nine. So we began the mud play. It was not real mud, but clean mud, inspired from Filth wizardry. We took a lot of old papers - newspapers ad a couple of magazines and soaked it in water and flour. There was a beautiful goo that came out of it. My initial idea was to use it to make clay - to let the pulp soak and I could drain it the next day to become clay. However, the children were having an enromous amount of fun with just the goo. (I love to play with newspaper mud, Says Anjali). A lot of the mud got on the floor. would still have recycled it, but Spohia peed in the middle of the whole thing.

It was close to 9.45. Husband was going wild with amusement, and I wanted to clear up. The pee seemed a good excuse. However, Anjali declared "I'll play on the other side!". By the time the girls finished their play, it was ten. They still didnt want to finish, But I put my foot down, wth the promise of doing it again in a few weeks. The lift lobby was a very gloppy swimming pool with lots of water and paper pulp all around it. At some point, I made balls out of the thnig to show sophia, who looked at it and said "potato!", sending husband bursting with laughter again. At another point, Anjali and i decided to lob each other with the stuff, pretending that they were snowballs. Iit was good fun, and by the time we finished, the girls, and I, had to go into the bath again. And even when Anjali finished her bath, she had paper pulp behind her ears.

A bit of messy play, i think, takes out pent up energy and helps the children behave. Bedtime was very quiet. While I went to get Milo, each girl took a book, sat naked on the bed, and read stories to each other (in their own language). I would have taken photos and videos, but the camera had no charge. What fun!!

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