Wednesday, May 5, 2010

mommy reflections

How do I make my preschooler like to go to school?

Every morning the argument happens. Anjali opens her eyes and says "Mummy, i dont want to go to school!"

I have tried everything. We'll light candles, feed the pigeons, give kisses in the pocket, paint when we get home. All the things have lost their novelty.

This morning, after Anjali didnt want to go to school for the fifth time, i sat down, looked her straight in the eye and asked

"Why dont you want to go to school?"

"because i want to stay with Sophia"

"Well, you can stay with Sophia after you get back from school"

"No, i want to stay with Sophia when you go to office"

"You can stay with Sophia from the time you get back all the while I go to the office"

She didnt say anything. I knew her brain was working hard around this to find a loophole. I didnt let her.

"lets go and light the red candle that you bought from IKEA"

We lit the red candle, said our prayers and ate noodles ("I dont want to eat noodles! I want mamaliga")


Then, while I ran back and forth getting everything ready,

"Mummy I Dont want to go to school"

Now, what should I do?

The imp wants to paint in the playground after i return from the office. The choice was "Do you want to go to the playground, or do you want to paint, or both"

Her response was "i want to paint in the playground"

Atleast painting is one job that I can migrate to the playground - unlike newspaper mud and cornflour gloop.

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