Monday, May 17, 2010

The girls at the science center

We took the girls to the pixar animation exhibition to the science center. I really dont think it was worth the money. The price was $24 per person, including a 3D rendering of Toy story. The 3D effects themselves were not very good. Anjali thought that the movie was very scary (She kept shouting "Buzz!! Buzz!!" when Buzz was escaping from some scrape or another). The girls were excited about the 3D glasses though, although husband and i thought that there was nothing much to be excited about them. Husband took off his glasses ten minutes into the movie.

The thing is that we have a DVD at home, and the effects were nearly the same.

The only nice thing about the exhibition, as far as i could see, was the stroboscope animation of toy story. But to pay $24 for seeing a stroboscope animation seemed a bit overmuch.

Overall, the exhibition may be good for older kids and perhaps for people interested in these sort of things. They had lots of sculptures of cartoon characters (But you see, I went a few years ago to see an exhibition at the national museum with ancient greek sculptures from the Louvre, and the tickets for that were much cheaper. Therein lies the sting)


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