Friday, May 7, 2010

a fiery temper

Sophia threw a tantrum for half an hour yesterday. What was the problem?

I was making "Super wonderful playdough" with the girls. We had everything ready - flour, vinegar, food coloring, salt.

Imp wanted to take it outside (We have been doing messy activities at the lift lobby lately)

I put my foot down, for two reasons

1. Playdough doesnt qualify as messy enough to be taken outside
2. The girls were not wearing enough clothes to qualify for a messy jaunty in the lift lobby.

Sophia refused to touch the playdough for half an hour, screamed renewally whenever I touched it, and after she got over her tantrum, played with it and with Anjali for almost an hour before bed time.

Until she got over her tantrum, it was

"amma taie, outside" and when I said "no"


Husband says that we are thinking of Sophia as a baby and therefore dont put our foot down often enough. And we need to face the fact that she is growing fast.

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