Thursday, May 13, 2010

Deja vu

I blogged over half an year ago about two bleary eyed jet lagged parents sitting next to a hospital bed while a extremely chirpy two and half year old toddler drank stone juice and rocked Eeyore on a hospital medicine tray .

I think Sophia is determined to do everything that Anjali ever did, or atleast to replicate all of Anjali's major adventures in addition to her own, much earlier than Anjali. Sudha aunty told me once that the girls will be very competitive. Sophia had her first major fall at 1year 3 months. Anjali had hers at 1 year six months. And now this.

Yesterdaty, at 7pm, when patti left, she reported that Sophia had eaten a square meal. After the hunger strike of last week, I was very glad. She had eaten gnocchi and had asked for cheese. I was halfway through dinner when Sophia barfed. All over my clothes.

I was not too concerned. She barfs once in a while, although not as much as this. I cleaned her up, and gave her water. I continued setting up the day's craft activity with the kids. Then Sophia barfed again on the floor. Husband had just gotten back. It must have been around 8pm.

At 8.45, the girls had finished their craft work, and went in the bath. Sophia, as usual drank plenty of bath water (it was a warm day). She wanted to get out much earlier than usual and the minute I took her out, she brought out all the water that she had drunk.

At this point, I was starting to really get concerned. Once upon a happier time, husband would have told me to wait and observe Sophia. But experiences of 3am jaunts to the hospital in taxi's with girls throwing up oon the backseat have made him a wiser man.

"If she throws up one more time we'll take her directly to the hospital"

And she did. At 9.30, I made Anjali Milo with milk and for Sophia Milo with Soya milk (I wanted to go easy on the milk because of the queasy stomach). The Soya milo went in fast, and came out equally fast.

patti and thattha had the kind of intuition that pattis and thatthas only have and were on their way to acasa evven before we had decided to go to the hospital. Anjali put up a small theatre about wanting to come to the doctor, but stayed with thattha in the end.

So, to the hospital we went, with Sophia drinking warm water. No sooner were we in the taxi when the warm water came out too.

At the hospital, i made the mistakke of telling the receptionist that the imp was having a slight cough. She was shifted to the quarantine area, which was a no husbands allowed zone.

A room was allotted and we were told to wait for the doctor.

"Opo door!" she commanded, after exploring the bed and buttons in the room.

in the corridor were several dispensors with sanitizing lotions. I resorted to several squirts to entertain the imp.

Husband came in for a short while to give us the books, baby wipes and stuff. once the two books came in, we retired to the room, where Sophia spent a long time reading.

The doctor came. i couldnt have ten seconds of conversation, being interrupted by "MeeSha" (cat), "giaffe" (zebra), "loll loll" (wolf), "apple", "ani anai", "whash ish?" (for an iguana that she didnt know the name of)

the doctor concluded that the best option was to go the hydrating solution way, since Sophia was active.

The hydrating solution stayed down smoothly enough, so we were sent home with more hydrating solution and lots of advice.

The whole of yesterday she was curled up. I felt really bad, more so when reading a Dora book failed to elict any response from her.

In the evening, she didnt want toast - she wanted cutlets. Husband and I gave her just a bit, praying hard. THankfully, it stayed down. When we returned from our playground jaunt, she wanted Milo. I refused but gave her Soy milk (with milo color). She tossed it and threw such a tantrum, that thattha, who had called to enquire, atarted to brainstorm what else I could give her instead of Milo.

Finally, she had a bit of rice congee with yogurt before going to bed.


some signs that Sophia was getting better

I took the girls out for a walk in the evening. There is a corner near Anjali's old school with some toy cars and aeroplanes. Anjali sat driving an aeroplane and Sophia wanted to sit in a car.  I started to sing to Sophia to cheer her up (The girl had hardly smiled through the day and hadnt laughed even once)

"The wheels on the car goes round and round, round and round..."

Anjali piped up.

"The wings on the plane goes flutter flutter flutter, flutter flutter all the way to india"

"Very good, anjali", i said and then contunued my song

"Sophia in the car goes broom broom broom, all the way to"

Sophia piped up "Malaysia!!"


Then in the playground I was nursing and singing

"The ants go marching one by one hurrah hurrah

The ants go marching two by two hurrah hurrah

The ants go marching three by three the little one stops to climb a tree

And they all go marching on"

Sophia dislodged herself, looked up and requested

"anai anai"

Ok fine

"The animals went in two by two hurrah hurrah

The animals went in two by two hurrah hurrah

the animals went in two by two, the elephant and the kangaroo

They all went into the ark for to get out of the rain!!"

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