Wednesday, May 19, 2010

At the playground

It had rained in the morning and an especially muddy (semi dried) puddle offered its opportunities to Sophia as she explored the playground. Puddles offer several avenues for imagination. Children can be fish, a bicycle can be (as in Anjali's case) a submarine, as she and Jainee explored and exploited the puddle.

Sophia ofcourse wanted to take off her shoes and explore, but I insisted that she keep them on. She slipped, slopped, splished and sploshed until she was a sight to behold! - full of water and mud.

And then she fell. she picked herself up quickly enough, but kept touching her knee. I checked. There was a nasty scrape.

"Sophia - you have an oua"

"oua" - she said, morosely, pointing.

"Do you want me to kiss it?"

Very vehemently - (the same vehemence that shoots swiper from the page of the book) "NNNNNNNNNOOO" and then she ran.

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