Monday, April 12, 2010

Words and sounds

Husband and i are very excited. Sophia can say her own name. I found it out quite by accident on Sunday, when we were in the beach for husband's triathlon and I took pictures of the girls playing in the sand. i shoed the pictures to Anjali and Sophia. one of them had the two girls playing together- a very pretty picture. I pointed.

"This is Anjali'


"This is Sophia"

A beat and then

"So po iya"


I think Anjali's school is doing sounds of letters. We took out some magnetic letters yesterday. Anjali picked up wach of them and started to sound them

Like she picked up A and then asaked me

"What is the sound of this?"

"This is A"

Anjali then goes "Aaaauuu"

Then the number 2


Maybe this is my cue to pick up again the montessori read and write and prepare some more games

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