Thursday, April 22, 2010

when the baby flew

If one of your regular readers is the president of the children's fan club, the last thing you want to blog about it how your fifteen month old ended up with her mouth full of blood at 10pm.

But, I resolved when i started this blog that it shall be a historical account of the life of the two imps, and when they become world famous some day, it will be an account that can be published. So the mouth full of blood episode, being part off history, has to be written down, for good or for bad, no matter which president of whose fan club reads it.

here's how it happened.

We got back home after going to the swimming pool and to patti's house, around 9.45. Anjali wanted to make a slide, so husband leaned the small mattress against the big one. The girls had a good fifteen minutes playing with the slide, when I was in the living room getting started on my newspaper hut.

Sophia finished playing and came to the ,living room to look for me.

"mummy, mummy", she kept going.

Suddenly, i heard a thump. i expected Sophia to get up, as she always does

Whenever Sophia falls, she sits up says "thobaal" and then stands up to continue her work.

But Sophia began to cry. When i went to her, she was on her belly. At first I thought tthat she had fallen hard and was simply tired and wated to be picked up. I picked her up.

It was then I saw the blood in the mouth. There was so much of it that i got scared - Two big drops splattered on the floor

"Mummy, Sophia is bleeding", Exclaimed Anjali, who was probably seeing so much blood for the first time in her life.

Sophia was crying very loudly and i tried to determine where the blood was coming from. had her teeth broken?

Blood in the mouth is a very scary thing in an infant. it gets mixed up with the other fluids in the mouth that it looks like a lot more than there actually is.

"can I see her?" asked husband

but Sophia was beyong showing anything to anyone.

Out came the two godiva chocolates that she had eaten an hour ago in thattha's house in the form of some very liquidish chocolate colored mush. (poor thattha)

Two kitchen towel blots later I discovered the source of blood - she had fallen and had bit her lip. Sophia's teeth, being not fully developed are sharper than the average teeth. The lip was bloodied and swollen, and the blood was thankfully starting to congeal.

Husband told me later what had possibly happened - She had tripped over a mat and flew face forward on the floor.

The mat in question has already been removed.

I took Sophia to bed after two minutes, with a tumbler of milk.

"Do you want to drink booa booa?"

"sniff. booa"

"You want to sleep?"

"sniff. booa. bet. sniff"

So i changed my clothes, which were full of godiva flavoured barf, gave her booa and milk and then she went to sleep


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  1. This is very common with Ananya even NOW - the remedy is simple - clean the mouth with water, give a popscicle / cold curd / cool iced water / or just ice - to help the swelling come down. At one point I always had popscicles in the fridge for these mouth injuries - they heal very fast anyway. a day or two.


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