Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What i would like to do with the kids as activities

I think i am really going to try out paper clay. God knows we have so many scraps of paper in the house. Will probably take it out to the lift lobby so that the stuff doesnt get every where. And ofcourse, we need to be careful that Sophia doesnt think that it is pudding.

She thought that the beach sand in Sentosa was, and put it in once. But the thing about Sophia is that she does put stuff in once and then after she decides that it is not for eating stops eating them. Two days ago she tried playdough.

Until that point of first tasting, we need to be careful.

Also I really really want to make that newspaper hut. I might set it up outside the house as a little camping ground, although husband thinks that it could go in the house as a little cave for the girls to go in. Maybe I'll make two, it certainly seems easy enough.

In the meantime, i have found these cool ideas for planters with old milk cartons, which I have about 50 at home (i stopped stocking them until i could find some use for the old ones). The intention is to start a slightly bigger garden, and give earth and seeds to the girls to work with. There is garden earth around all the trees in the estate. I might try to swipe some. i dont have to be too worried about insects, given that the garden has shifted outside. but that has to wait till husband has time to build us some new shelves for putting the plants - there is absolutely no space in the old ones.

One of the tings that amazes me, or rather, the thing that i feeel thankful for is expanding space. All the time I was a kid, we used to be pretty confined to our own house, with the exception of in Ooty, where the terrace was there for us to play and even put plants in. Here, we have a neighbor who has a fantastic balcony garden just below the house. His garden is full of flowers and he spends a good number of hours tending to it.

Till we went to India, I used to keep a little balcony garden in the house. but we didnt have a proper balcony. As a result, we had to close the windows during rain or if we went away for long periods. The plants, because we loved them, put up a good fight. But it was a hard one. When we left for India, we put the plants out and asked our neighbor to help water them. They seemed to have gotten a second lease of life. When we returned, they had bloomed so well that we were wondering if they were the same plants. We decided to leave them outside. There were several advantages. The place was brighter, i could water the plants with less worry about water spilling over (because of which reason I could ask Anjali and sometimes Sophia to water the plants)

Two weeks ago, something happened which made me very glad that i had decided to move the plants outside. A gloxinia plant, which we had purchased from hort park some two years ago before Sophia was born had withered and died in the balcony. Patti had taken the earth from that plant and put it in the money plant pot. Some seed must have remained though, and gotten a second lease of life, for oone day suddenly I saw two gloxinia blooms, bright blue.

"How did the seed know that it has a second span of life here?", asked husband in amazement

And so it happened that I am expanding the garden again - not by much - just little planters here and there with seeds. We have a pot of tulasi seeds which I am watering diligently in the hope that they will sprout (this happened three weeks ago and I dont know how long tulasi seeds take to sprout). We got some basil and some flower seeds which have already started to sprout. I have big plans for expansion, but lets see what the plants and nature have to tell me. In the meantime, though, I am in desperate need of shelf space. I suppose i could get some planters filled with soil, put holes in the pots and hang them from the beams, bet lets see.

Meanwhile the girls are due for the wimming session this evening

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