Monday, April 19, 2010

under the influence of coffee

We took the girls to sentosa yesterday. They has a splash at the beach and at the underwater world - I'll put up some pictures later. On our way back, thattha suggested icecream at vivo city, and Anjali jumped on it. We found a coffee bean where they had no icecream, just frozen yogurt. So we got frozen yogurt for Anjali, which she ate half. Husband got an iced Mocha, and for some reacon, Anjali liked it. So she drank nearly half a cup of coffee, and got high on it. On the bus back, she was going on and on about how she liked sentosa

"I liked the under water world... because I put my leg in the shakr tub. And the shark ate my shoe"

Then how come she still had her shoe?

"I played a joke on the shark"

Anjali is very fond of making jokes on people. She would say something quite shocking and when i make an exclamation, she would laugh and go "I made a joke on you"

Then she made up a story

".. and then I took all the water out from the shark's tup and the shark turned into a lion and ate up mummy. And then I took my blue stick and hit the lion and you grew long hair until your bottom"

Why did I grow long hair? The answer took a bit of stretching

"because the lion cut your hair" (she knows that if you cut her hair it grows long)

Ah, right. Does the lion have scissors?

No. The lion has teeth (this in exasperation)

When she got back home, she got out her black notebook and wrote a letter to the shark

"Dear shark, you must turn into a lion and eat my mummy"

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