Monday, April 19, 2010

three word sentences

At the playground, when Anjali and Sophia are playing jump and throw with the leaves and such, Sophia goes

"ne, too, tee, yump!!" (one, two three, jump)

We were at sentosa, and finished with the beach. Sophia points and goes

"rubat rubat"

"There is no rabbit here"

still points and goes "rubut, rubut"

Husband realizes what she wants to say

"yes, thats a frog that goes ribbit ribbit" (we were passing the flying trapeze, which has a lot of frog pictures on it)

We had taken the sand toys to the beach. Among the toys was a watering can, with a handle and a small cover at the spout. Anjali took the water can into the sea, and at some point, the handle and spout came off. She put them back on the sand and just took the water can to the sea.

About ten minutes later, Sophia, who was playing in the sand and the sea came to the sand toys. She picked the handle and spout, looked at them and says

"pashutta... anniya" (that means picchuuta)

WE were back and were reading "I love you stinky face" by Lisa Mc Court. There is a bit there about "What if i was an alien, whould you still love me?" Sophia points to the alien and goes

"fish, fish"

"Thats not a fish, thats an alien"

"fish, fish"

"ok fine, it looks like a fish"


"Well, yes, fish must be in water, but this is not. Thats cause its an alien :P"

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