Thursday, April 15, 2010

taking things slow

"Motherhood is all about taking things slowly", i was telling a colleague yesterday. We are planning a trip to the zoo in a couple of weeks time. The girls are very excited. Husband and I have grown to expect that we would be spending a lot of time at children's world, a few rides on the merry go round and a couple of hours in the huge water playground. Between these, I doubt that there would be very many things that we would do -probably see the otters and penguins.

But we dont mind. Infact, if it takes three trips for the girls to see the zoo/ birdpark/ botanical garden, we dont quite mind. So what if they forget what they saw the first time by the time the third time rolls around - we just do it all over again.

But the thing is that we dont need a trip to the zoo for the girls to have fun. Early in the morning, there are several pigeons who sit on the building ledges. Wehnever we go to drop Anjali off at the school bus, I stick a few peices of read in my pocket for the pigeons. It is amazing to see them flock down. The first pigeon usually takes a while to come. But once the first pigeon comes down, they all soar down to the ground to eat the crumbs. Anjali and Sophia get totally excited to watch them. Kiran too is intrigued, and has started to tell his mother not to go to the busstop as they do everyday, but to wait for the "food to come"

One day i took oreos to give the pigeons. They came in Anjali's goodie bag, and are full of sugar and no nutrition. I try to toss them in the dustbin, but since we were feeding pigeons anyway, decided to give it a try

Not a single pigeon came down to eat the oreos.

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